6+ Ways On How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number Instantly

How to get a girls number? Many boys get nervous and get freeze assuming it as a difficult task. Few men claim it as “it’s not a big deal.“ Well, we have brought you ways that will help you get a girl’s phone number in a funny and fastest way.

Seven Ways To Get A Girl’s Phone Number

How-To-Get-A-Girls-Phone-Number How To Get A Girls Phone Number

  1. Don’t give her the control

You must be wondering why am I saying you don’t instead of all Do’s? Before moving to all the Do’s, it’s important not to make any blunder that makes you look so desperate. If a girl caught you sounding so needy and desperate, you’ll end up losing her number.

Never directly ask her phone number like is it ok, if I get your number “or “can I get your number, please“? – This sounds like you’re asking an autograph from a celebrity. And it also makes you look you’re dying to have her number, and as a result, the answer will be “No.”

If you give her the control by granting permission, you’ll end losing all opportunities.

How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number Pick Up Lines

  1. Use Give instead of Ask

After having a small talk, be ready to say “hey it was fun chatting with you. Give me your contact number and will chat later. “

The best timing to get her number is when she least expect that you’re going to ask and she’ll end up giving you. So, rights in the middle of your conversation say “hey, give me your number.“

After getting her number, continue the conversation where you stopped. If you act healthy, she’ll respond normal too.  Here you take the control and lead. Telling her to give your number is the easiest way to a win-win situation. As it shows her, you’re confident, and she likes it.

Ways-On-How-To-Get-A-Girls-Phone-Number How To Get A Girls Phone Number

How To Get A Girl’s Phone Number In High School

  1. What’s your number?

You can use this trick in the middle of the conversation or when you’re saying bye. But you should make this sound more like a sentence, not a question. Just tell her “What’s your number?” in a casual manner.

Say this only if you’re confident enough she is going to give you.

How To Ask Girl Phone Number

  1. Give her your number

Giving your number is the smartest way to get many messages and calls.  Say “hey I hate cutting you short, but it was nice chatting with you. Unfortunately, I gotta go, Take my number, call or text me and we’ll talk later.“

You simply take her phone and add your number or ask her to save it. It shows her you’re not needy and even if she doesn’t call you, you won’t bother. She’ll be more likely to have it.

Tips-On-How-To-Get-A-Girls-Phone-Number How To Get A Girls Phone Number

How To Get A Girl Number On Facebook

  1. Exchange number

Exchange number works like a charm as it’s more friendly and stress-free way. There are fewer chances to hear “No.“When you wish her “bye,” Say “Before I go. Let’s exchange our numbers “. She will usually say “sounds great” or “sure. “

Clever Ways To Get A Girl’s Phone Number

  1. Text me

Choose to say “hey, I have to go now. Text me “.  Say this as if she is going to text you without a doubt. If she is taking time then quickly say “what’s your number?” I’ll send you a text.

When you get her number, Walk away and text her “it’s “mention your name “save my number.“

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You should be prepared if she refuses, just walk away and forget about it. Women can sense your nervousness so don’t play the game of manipulative. Just be direct.

When you tell her to give her number, but she asks yours in return just walk away. Because women are smart they find new excuses, she’ll get yours and may never call you back. Learn where to stop and move on.