6+ Ways On What To Say A Girl On The Phone

What To Say A Girl On The Phone – We have been telling a woman that she is so difficult to understand but guess what? We have made easy on what to say a Girl on the phone. Firstly, you need to know that like how a man is attached to his bike that’s how much a woman enjoys talking on the phone.

We have listed out six tips on what to talk to a girl on the phone so that you won’t commit mistakes while talking to her.

What To Say To A Girl On Phone To Make Her Laugh

1-What-To-Say-To-A-Girl-On-Phone What To Say To A Girl On Phone

  1. Conversation Topics

Most men just make a call leaving blank and silence that can piss her off. And what makes her turn off the most is when you don’t have anything to say. If you don’t have anything to say or ask then, she’ll find an excuse to hang up your call. That’s why, it’s essential to have a reason for the call just like inviting her to the party, talking about your day and asking about her, etc. 

If you are confused and don’t know what to talk then look for several conversation starters that can help you to grab her attention. Women can spend hours discussing their childhood traumas, most profound secret, and other emotional incidents. You just have to start up, and you’ll end up leaving her begging for more.

What To Say To A Girl On Phone For The First Time

  1. Multi-tasking

Like we mentioned, she would love to talk as far as you make her engage on topics without making her bored. But you can’t afford to leave your rest of the work on hold; all you have to learn is to balance both by following this strategy of multi-tasking.

You can just use any hand-free device or carry Bluetooth/headphone so that you can pursue your work as well. Similarly, ask her to take too. This way you’ll also make her realize you have a lot of going in your life.

What To Say To A Girl On The Phone You Just Met

  1. Multi-tasking vs. single tasking

There are girls, who get pissed if you are unable to concentrate on her alone. To such type of girls, we suggest you find an atmosphere or place where she can hear you alone.

Girls love to talk to you when you have nothing in the background it’s just you both. This assures her that you care her privacy and also grab her interest talking to you postponing her little routine to sometimes later.

2-What-To-Say-To-A-Girl-On-Phone What To Say To A Girl On Phone

What To Say To A Girl You Love On The Phone

  1. Open-ended questions

You can sit back and relax if you include both multiple-choice questions and open-ended questions on your conversation with her. 

Open-ended questions involve more than “yes” or “no” answer. Be organized. Have a list of “right” questions at your disposal; Example, ask questions about “What do you like to do in your spare time? Or what are your plans for this weekend? This is the easiest way to make her feel alive which will let her do most of the talking.

What To Say To A Girl You Like

  1. Avoid Dangerous questions

Women’s phone conversations have no emotional limitations of any kind, and if certified to run rough, these conversations can lead to emotional depths. If you don’t want to create total mess leaving the whole discussion for the saddest part, then take control of the topics your side.

Be the one bringing most of the asking as if she takes that control, she may lure talking about your side of the story, and you will leave with “lose-lose situation” questions.

What-To-Say-To-A-Girl-On-Phone What To Say To A Girl On Phone

What To Say To A Girl On The First Phone Call

  1. Hang up going a mystery and charm

You don’t need to rush up completing the whole syllabus in one and all. You need to have a decent end of your call. This means you should end the call by letting a girl know that it was nice talking to her also she should feel the same.

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Thus, don’t bring such topic which leads to a battle and opposition; where one has no option other than hanging up the call with frustration. Be very polite and maintain the same tone until the end of the call. Once you succeed, be ready as you’ll soon receive more call. Now, you have master the art of smooth call operator.