How To Approach A Girl For The First Time At College

Are you dying to approach a girl? Admit it – If you have ever caught yourself dying to approach a beautiful girl you happen to see her but you didn’t have any idea how to start – not even gave a try? If so, I guarantee you, just the thought of giving a try makes your heart beat fast, and your palms turn to ice!

No doubt, approaching a woman is undoubtedly one of the hardest things a man will ever have to look after in a lifetime. And guess what? Luckily, we have brought you possible ways on how to approach a girl that almost always deliver a real comeback!

How-To-Approach-A-Girl How To Approach A Girl

How To Approach A Girl at School

  1. Find a Target

Firstly, you need to look out for the women. You can look for women anywhere at school, universities, at work, at a bar, in a club, at the gym or even on the streets where you go for shopping, etc.

Now when you have found a target, what’s next? Make eye contact with her and after you caught a girl’s attention, give her a little smile. Here’s why you should do that – A smile is a way to find out if a girl is interested or not and whether she is ready for being approached by you or not.

If she is open to approach, she will smile back. If she holds onto a blank look on her face after you smiled at her or looks away right away, then she perhaps doesn’t want to be approached.

(Note: Don’t react instantly and take it to heart, She might be having a bad day. Move on.)

But if she gives a smile back, then your next move is to focus on your body language.

How To Approach A Girl For The 1st Time

  1. Body language

Body language is essential if you want to approach a girl successfully. A lot of men approach women sensing with their shoulders slouch and their nerves held in their throats.

Unfortunately, girls/women can quickly sense when men seem nervous, and chances are most likely of getting rejected by them if you are!

When you happen to approach a woman, most men give a glance at the woman that they like, brave themselves to make the first contact, and they tend to freeze up completely.

Fear of rejection is the worst enemy of Men – yet it usually doesn’t exist. The fact is, an attractive woman won’t yell or walk away from you. And also, the truth is, most beautiful girl/women will respond to you – somewhere between neutral and positive for being approached by you because that makes them feel good.

It’s flattering, fun and exciting, for that purpose alone you will mostly never see a girl respond by being rude, acting offended or getting upset. So stop stressing and worrying about it.Thus, don’t let fear of rejection destroy your odds before giving it a try.

1-How-To-Approach-A-Girl How To Approach A Girl

How To Approach A Girl In Public

  1. Stay focus on your purpose

Once you know how to get contact number then “Dating “will be a “Quick Go.” When it comes to getting girl’s contact number is first to understand the Do’s and Don’ts – which means that you shouldn’t be asking for contact number instead you should be asking for their email.

Here’s why you should do that – most women agree to give e-mail as it sounds more formal, business-like and considering low-risk. At times, few women will say something like “I don’t share my e-mail with people I don’t know” or “I don’t even know you” etc.

When it happens, crack a joke (my favorite – “Come on, just pen it down. Ii will only e-mail you every few minutes for the next month”) or move on to the next girl.

Once she agrees as she is writing down her e-mail address, be ready to say in the middle of writing “Oh, and be sure to write your name and number there, too…”Make sure you don’t hem and haw if so she will probably change her mind.

How To Approach A Girl You Don’t Know

  1. Be a challenge

Want to try something unique or low-risk way? Then instead of asking a woman for her contact info, play your cards by handling your number.

If you act as shy and innocent while approaching women, they will automatically drop you into the “possible friend” category, and you’re over. They will assume that you are just another milksop boy. That’s why it’s better to approach a woman when you’re prepared and confident enough.

How To Approach A Girl Without Being Creepy

  1. Real Deal

Don’t jump into the situation if you are not prepared and sure on how to handle something. Put yourself imagining “what it’s going to be like when you ask her e-mail or number.” Practice what you are going to ask, how you’ll stand, and imagine what she will reply back.

You will be surprised after you have practice enough, how effortlessly you will perform it during the real deal. The critical thing to remember – the fundamental principle – “Look clean and neat, Wear decent clothes.  Just look like a regular man – nothing trendy or funky.

Last but not least don’t forget to carry a pen, a phone number notebook or paper, a card, and guess what – you are in business.

How To Approach A Girl Without On Social Media

  1. Don’t play all in all

This one is an essential tip when you are asking girl’s s e-mail and number; don’t try to win the whole Play with a single toss. In other words, do not convince her to marry or ask stupid questions like, “Do you have a boyfriend?” and yes, don’t even ask her to hang out on the spot.

Most men make a mistake by doing all the above Don’t list and get themselves stuck on the date by creating awkwardness, stress, and opposition, so don’t do it.

2-How-to-Approach-A-Girl How To Approach A Girl

How To Approach A Girl Without Through Text

  1. Stay limited

Once you have her contact info, now take a smart move by stepping away, tell her “I have to get back to my friends,” and leave. This shows women that you have a lot of going in life and also to escape from making her feel about you as a sad puppy.

The longer your conversation get when you approach a woman; there are more chances of decreasing your possibilities as all that running off at the mouth just opens the door of mistakes, so remind yourself that the only thing you want to do on approach is to get her contact information. That’s all.

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Once you start speaking, she will be looking out for the smallest excuse to discard you. Most women will give out their info after a minute – so you need to talk to her for only that moment.

Master this art by collecting more contact numbers of other beautiful women too and reach them when you’re free.